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Washington Health Insurance Deadline Extended

I received a panicked call from a client this week worried they had missed the February 15th deadline to purchase insurance under Obamacare. This was to be the day that the Federal Health Care exchange closed and individuals could no longer purchase health insurance through the exchange.

Although this is true for the federal market, Washington State will be keeping their exchange open until April 17th.  This decision was made so residents can see how much income they made in 2014 before deciding if they want to purchase insurance.

It does not happen often, but this is good work by the State to get ahead of this problem. The February 15th deadline was fairly arbitrary and I am pleased to see Washington make the process a little bit easier.

Free File: Do Your Federal Taxes for Free

For those that missed it the, the IRS has introduced a new program called Free File.  For those with incomes under $60,000 a year, the IRS will provide free tax preparation software.

For those with income over $60,000?  The IRS is offering free fillable forms!  That is not a joke, that are actually advertising free fillable forms.

More information can be found on the IRS website. 

If you need a recommendation for tax preparation or tax planning please feel free to contact me.


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